The Wegoma 'S' Series of machines have been developed and designed to provide the highest cutting accuracy, as well as being extremely user-friendly and easy to operate.


The 315 and 400 have manual adjustment and the 400NC has electrical adjustment.

The Saw Carriage - The 405mm side sliding table on the 'S' Series saw is available in 4 cutting lengths from 2000mm to 3800mm and is fitted with a patented sliding table system which gives an extremely high accuracy of 0.05mm per 1 metre of cutting length.  The carriage is continuously cleaned during every movement to maintain the smooth operation; a simple and secure locking system allowing the carriage to be locked in position every 50mm.


Machine Operation -  The saw is 'user friendly and easy to operate'; this is a claim made by many manufacturers, but the 'S' Series lives up to this statement:

The main features that set this saw apart from others on the market are:


Unlike the majority of panel saws on the market the 315 and 400 from the ‘S’ Series has FOUR hand wheels on the front of the machine; The first two are a normal feature on most saws; one for the rise and fall of the main blade (which is achieved on linear rails and bearings) and one for the tilt of the main and scoring saws (with the position shown on a digital display). The other two hand wheels control the position of the rip fence; the larger wheel gives fast positioning, and once the fence is near its required position, the smaller wheel is used for fine adjustment and the position is shown on a digital display.

Numerically Controlled Machine:


With the start/stop buttons at the front of the machine this system means that the operator does not have move from the normal operating position at the front of the machine to set or adjust any fences or the saw position – the definition of ‘user-friendly and easy to operate’

The S400NC has an ‘eye-level’ control panel which is used to adjust the scorer, cutting height, cutting angle and the position of the rip fence.

These are the main features of the Wegoma ‘S’ Series, and there are other options available (ie: digital readouts on crosscut fence) to enhance the speed, accuracy and ‘ease of use’.

The Wegoma range of panel saws gives the high level of ‘German Engineering and Technology, but without the normal high cost associated with such quality.

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'S' Series Panel Saws