Ardis Information Systems is a market leader in panel optimisation software.


The ARDIS optimisation software is a fully modular concept product. There are approximately 6 optimisation models and over 80 different modules. Any version can be upgraded to a higher level product and at any time a version can be extended or customised with an extra module.

Ardis  will link to any known cutting machine  which is capable of accepting cutting data from an external application.

At  Astwood Machinery  we have several  installations  where Ardis  is used to provide information not only for the sizing operation, but also to edgebanding lines and CNC machining centres via the ‘WOPS’, Workcentre Oriented Production System, allowing all the information to be provided from one totally integrated system.


Ardis have been supplying optimisation software for more than 20 years, and with 15 Years of experience in using and installing Ardis software, the staff at Astwood Machinery will be able to provide the correct solution to meet your ever changing production requirements. 



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